Angelica (pink_angels) wrote in glitterrimjob,

More site stuff information

Today we have launched the Ana Haven Shop in association with Amazon. This basically sells a bunch of stuff of interest - topical books covering issues such as all ED's, self harm, depression, OCD and more. It also offers a range of fitness equipment and videos. Any commission earned from sales will be put back into keeping the site ad-free (as I'm paying for that) and making improvements where they can be made. You will find the link via the SHOP section at Some of the site-branded merchandise in the regular shop is on sale too - so please take a look.
If you want to let others know about the site then you can use the 'tell a friend' service on-site. There are a couple around on pages - easiest to go to the contacts section. Remember that is where the forum, live chat, buddy list and shoutbox are located too.
We'd like to offer some reader-designed wallpapers. If you can come up with an original/manipulated image in pink tone at a size of at least 1280x960 (1600x1200 300 dpi preferable) then please feel free to let us know. You could wind up being chosen as one of the official wallpapers. Just look at the colours of the site and realise it's meant to blend.
We have added a FFA links section to the links page if you are not interested in becoming a full affiliate. Please feel free to sign it to promote your journal, group or ed-related site.
Please use the email forms on site if you want to offer to help out or if you have any suggestions for the site. Ana-Angels if finally back in full swing and not going anywhere, we've had nearly 1100 hits to the front page in two days, and I'd love for anyone who wants to to get involved and make the community a busy one.
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